Can We Impact Our Environment Positively?


Our society is constantly consuming and polluting our environment. Companies and factories pressure nature and pollute the world we live in. It is easy so see for every single person, that we have to change that. But is that even possible? Isn't it too late by now? What can we do?


Let's dive into this topic, because yes, there is so much we can still do. 

We should think of it in this way:

Nature is still alive. And until she does her final breath, we can save her.


1. How is our environment polluted?

2. Can we change that?

3. What impact can we have?



1. How is our environment polluted?

The list of pollution is endless, so here are just a few:

Oxides of Carbon

- produced by energy production through oil, coal, fuel and other biomass

Oxides of Sulphur

- produced in the petroleum refining, paper manufacturing and metal extraction process

Oxides of Nitrogen

- produced through burning fuel or other biomass, but also in the production of different fertilizers


- produced through burning of fuel or other biomass, evaporation of gasoline or microbial activities in sewers

Photochemical Oxidants

- product of chemical reactions in the atmosphere through sunlight, oxides, carbons and other chemicals 


- bacteria or viruses, often found in water

Inorganic Material

- plastic or heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, copper, chromium, zinc or barium


Pollution Steam










I know, these were the science terms, but what does that mean for our every-day life?


Producing oxides through 

- car driving

- heating

- energy and electricity production

- smoking



Other ways of pollution like

- littering

- using energy intense technology 

- using technology, when you don't actually need it e.g. air-conditioning (AC), lights

- polluting rivers, lakes etc. 


Especially in our modern developed society, we tend to use technology and luxuries we have, just because we can afford to. Not necessarily because we need them. 

The Guardian listed the carbon footprints of every country from 1996-2006. This is the list of the top 15 countries. 

A countries total carbon emissions are displayed for each of the three years 1996, 2000 and 2006. The interesting part although, is the emossion per capita, which basiclally means, carbon footprint per person.

This shows, how much each person would produce in emission (on average). Most of the western countries have a very high score per person.

2. Can we change that?

Now that we know, that the emissions per person in more developed countries is higher, we just have to look at our lives and really think about everything we do and escpecially, do we NEED it?

It helps to make a list of every activity you would do throughout the day. Then check, what would probably be very harmful to the environment. 

For example: Driving your car a lot, buying cheap products, but therefore buy them more frequently, using the AC alot instead of opening a window etc. 

You probably also have an idea by now, what you can do to change that. Yes, it comes with a cost of spending more time or it not being as convenient, but that's a investment, we should be willing to pay for our environment. 

My top suggestions for you, that are easy and not too hard to incorporate into your daily routine: 

- use the bike or walk for short distances 

- when you go by car, take friends or other people with you, so they don't have to take a car as well

- use public transportion

-  always turn technical devices off, when you don't use them

- only use the AC when it is necessary

- recycle anything you could use again

- buy sustainable alternatives e.g. reusable bags instead of plastic bags

- do not take the plane if it is unnecessary

- eat less (therefore higher quality) meat

- try to avoid using the tumble dryer for your laundry

- buy higher quality products 


3. What impact can we have?

There is no exact number or a magic formula, how we can decrease our carbon footprint. Every single thing you do, every change you make to your life, has a huge impact for our environment, if you do it consistently. 

And of course this multiplies, with every person joining this movement. 


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If you want to know your estimated carbon footprint, check out this tool. It evaluates your use of technology and energy and will give you a value, average to your use. This is how you can find out, how you compare to the average use in our western society.

Check out the carbon footprint calculator!


So is it too late to change something? 

No, of course not. We still can impact our environment in many positive ways. I really hope, that this perspective on this topic inspired you and gave you some ideas, to start your green journey. 

Make a list and think over your daily activities. Reduce and recycle where you can and start to rethink.

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If you support us, you will support nature.


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