What does “Echo Essential Wear" mean?


Echo Essential Wear is not just a company, not just a brand. It is meant to be an idea - a movement.

The Echo illustrates our main idea for multiplication of positivity.


Echoes are reflections of sound. Just in the same way, we can reflect anything else. It is our biggest effort to transfer this image into our lifestyle and into our relationships. If every act of kindness get’s multiplied by every person it encounters, the potential for transforming many lives is inevitable.

In addition to this evolving and expanding network of positivity, every new impulse, helps it to grow even further. So it is not just important to reflect the Echo, but also to send out new waves, new echoes. We want to be such an impulse. As people in our daily lives, but also as a brand.


We create fair fashion, because we believe in a chance for every life and every person. Helping our production partners and workers out financially is only one way to make a positive impact, but we have seen the difference it can make. Especially in our society, many people realize the importance of taking care for each other. Fair wages and a toxic free environment for our workers is not just a nice idea. For Echo Essential Wear it is mandatory.


Additionally most of us do not get to see the effects of global warming and the pollution. Producing eco-friendly and sustainable fashion gives us the chance to slow down this process and contribute to saving our environment. It is a drop in the ocean, but every drop can have an impact.

We love to see how important it is to many people and how the number of sustainable businesses increases. From the top 200 companies, 188 have focused their business on sustainable goals over the last few years. The emphasis on sustinable practices and business models grows every day, not just for companies, but also fort he customers.

An international study by Unilever shows, that 33% would rather buy products from sustainable companies. 55% of consumers in the UK, 78% in the US, 88% in India and 85% in Turkey would prefer buying from a sustainably producing company.

This survey by Globescan shows the engagement of big companies in their development, towards a more sustainable industry.



Therefore it ist he perfect time for a fair and organic fashion brand. We hope to make a real change and have an impact, even if it only is a small one. But at the same time we can produce high quality products for essential oil lovers.

That is where the “Essential Wear“ part of our brand name comes in. More and more people discover the power and benefits of essential oils for our lives. We love essential oils and are greatful to use them in our daily routine. We also hope that you have found the perfect essential oil for you and feel blessed by their impact in your life.


So when people now ask, what Echo Essential Wear means, we have an answer. It is a brand with a vision. That every person can carry positivity and make an impact. 


Echo Essential Wear illustrates our main idea for multiplication of positivity.




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